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James Scrase
James Scrase

Paint, Print, Sculpture

United Kingdom


    A Critique by  Maestro Pietro Annigoni:

    James Scrase is one of those young painters (today they are no longer to be counted on one's fingers) who had the courage to go against the flow of fashion and to draw from those sources of the past which were more congenial to them rather than those imposed by current trends. At the same time, let it be understood, they have not neglected to stand before "the truth", and to look at it, to penetrate it, to try and "see" it and, it must be said, to discover themselves.

    I knew him years ago in Florence, and I know that Scrase is a great and passionate worker. Today I can see that so much study and so much passion have taken him to truly remarkable heights.

    I have seen landscapes of his which, while candidly revealing a nostalgic evocation of certain English romantic painters of the early nineteenth century, also fully reveal the presence of houses, skies, and forests in their reality of yesterday and today, seen with intense emotion and an equally intense power of observation. I have also seen portraits, like that of Mrs. Mere Moorsom, of penetrating characterisation. Both these examples are full of life and worthy of being placed among the best of today. 


    If you are interested in commissioning some work from James, he would be pleased to hear from you. Please phone him on +44 (0)7811929585.  Or email   jamesscrase@yahoo.co.uk


    James Scrase paints in the classical manner, drawing his inspiration from the Old Masters and above all from Florence, where he worked for many years with Pietro Annigoni, who said of him “James is one of those painters who had the courage to go against the flow of fashion”.  James has been blighted all his life with eye problems, and in spite of having had two corneal grafts, only has the use of one eye today. Notwithstanding, he makes full use of his time and is kept busy with a regular flow of commissions, especially portraiture.

    He has not only mastered the technique of oil painting, but also that of fresco, silverpoint, conte and sculpture.  James’ talent and versatility are perfectly demonstrated with his range of portraits, nudes, landscapes and still lifes in a variety of media. 

    An international artist, he has successfully exhibited and sold all round the world in the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, Australia and New Zealand. He was commissioned in spring 2010 to paint the triptych in the 15th century Lord Mayor’s Chapel in Bristol.  Recently he painted the portrait of the retiring Secretary of Savages Club, Bristol and also a portrait of the retiring Headmaster of the Bristol Grammar School.  His latest important commission was to paint the portraits of eight of the present and past managing directors of an international renowned company. These portraits are hung in the grand staircase of their office premises in the Cotswolds.

    James has no plans to stop work. He is as eager today as he has been for the past forty plus years to work with characteristic speed, concentration and huge convivial enthusiasm with oils, water colours, mixed media, chalks, drawings and sculpture.