James Scrase

Current Work

Painting the Triptych at Lord Mayors Chapel Bristol

Mike Britton © 2009


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Painting the Triptych at Lord Mayors Chapel Bristol
Triptych in the Lord Mayor's Chapel, Bristol
18th Century Pirate
Clifton Suspension Bridge
Commissioned Bust
Commissioned portrait
Grapes and Cheese
Early morning fishing boats at Beer
Head of Christ
Mathew in a Storm
Memories of Venice
Music and Dance
Nude combing hair
Ponte Vecchio still life
Portrait of Lucy
Salisbury Cathedral from the meadows
St Mary Redcliffe
Still life Apple
Still life Garlic
Still life Pear
Still life Pomegranate
Tuscan still life
Venetian Fish Market
Venetian mask still life
The Inland Sea, Gozo, Malta
King Lear
The Italian Advocat
Still life with Venetian Marionettes
Still Life
The death of king Richard the 3rd
Venetian sunset
Self portrait
Sleeping nude
Majorca Villa
Still life with grapes and apples
Still life with pineapple and fruit
Still life with grapes and goblet
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